About Us

Here at Java XO, our “about us” is really “about you”, real people looking for a real product or solution that really works. With our designer beverage, we bring to you both. Our coffee drinkers are looking for more than a morning brew. They are searching for both a product that taste great, and has a non-drug solution to a growing concern of sexual health.”

So, with no hype, no fancy business jargon, we created just that. Java XO, is a coffee that wakes up your sexual life, while bringing to you many health benefits of our natural herbs.

Our company understands people and the positive effects of a healthy sexual sense of well-being. Our goal is to restore and build people with new a confidence of a youthful performance in there love life. Our coffee drinkers say, Thank you, over and over again, for ending their search.

We are grateful, with our research to discover an all-natural way to help our bodies perform naturally. Our founders are proud to present liquid passion to our coffee drinkers with the finest of ingredients. We say at Java XO, those who have a great uninterrupted love life…. Love Life.

Our mission is to change lives by rejuvenating relationships and sexual confidence one cup at a time. We say “Cups Up” to a new way of jumpstarting not only your day-life, but also your night-life. Java XO, brings to you a Designer Beverage formulated for your enjoyment.